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  Ethanol for Florida

The 3Es (Environmental, Economic, Energy security) are all that you need to remember when attempting to understand how using ethanol can help you directly. The 3Es are an easy way to remember the facts and benefits on domestic ethanol plant production and fuel ethanol usage in ethanol blended gasoline.

Environmental Benefits:

Regardless of your political stance on environmentalism, you probably are happy to improve the environment when and where you can. You may recycle, may conserve energy, or may drive a hybrid car. No matter what your choices, we can all agree that ethanol is one of the best tools we have to fight air pollution from automobiles. Why? Because ethanol contains 35 percent oxygen. Adding oxygen to gasoline results in more complete fuel combustion, thereby reducing harmful tailpipe emissions. When you use more ethanol you are using less toxic gasoline components such as benzene which is a carcinogen. Furthermore, ethanol is environmentally-friendly, nontoxic, water soluble and readily biodegradable. So if you accidentally spill some, there is no need to worry about poisoning the ground.

Some Facts:

Ethanol reduces tailpipe carbon monoxide emissions by as much as 30%.
Ethanol reduces exhaust VOC emissions by 12%.
Ethanol reduces toxic emissions by 30%.
?The use of ethanol-blended fuels reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 12-19% compared with conventional gasoline, according to Argonne National Laboratory. In fact, in 2003, ethanol use in the U.S. reduced C02-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 5.7 million tons, equal to removing the annual emissions of more than 853,000 cars from the road.

Economic Advantages:

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To keep our economy humming along, new investment, new manufacturing, and new ideas must me implemented. Creating ethanol plants are the answer to all three of these requirements. Currently, there are 81 operating ethanol plants located in 20 states across America. The construction of fuel ethanol production facilities sparks capital investment, economic development, and job creation in communities across the country. Furthermore, the use of ethanol lowers the cost of gasoline to consumers, and helps to reduce our foreign trade deficit by displacing imported oil. We are all very aware of the rising costs of oil. By blending ethanol with our gasoline, we are fighting those economic influences directly and keeping the investment at home where it belongs.

Some Facts:

The U.S. ethanol industry has already supported the creation of nearly 130,600 jobs in all sectors of the economy
It is projected that each ethanol plant developed and built in Florida by U.S. EnviroFuels, LLC will provide 30-40 new, high-paying jobs to the local community.
Ethanol reduces toxic emissions by 30%.
A recent study found that increasing ethanol production to 5 billion gallons annually would create 214,000 jobs, $5.3 billion in new investment in renewable fuel production facilities, and increase household income by $51.7 billion.
Ethanol reduces the consumer cost of gasoline by extending fuel supplies, and providing a cost-effective way for gasoline marketers to meet octane requirements.
Ethanol use reduces the U.S. trade deficit by $2 billion annually.

Energy Security:

Ethanol is a home-grown American, renewable fuel. That means we can grow more raw materials each year to make it here at home! We will rely more upon ourselves than on other nation-states for our consumable resources. Ethanol is a domestic, made in America, renewable liquid fuel, which can quickly and effectively reduce our dependence on imported foreign oil, and increase the United States' ability to control its own security and economic future. It is not an overstatement to say that using ethanol as a matter of national security issue. The use of ethanol directly displaces imports of foreign oil and toxic gasoline additives, including methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (MTBE). In fact, U.S. produced ethanol reduces the need to import 128,000 barrels a day of oil and MTBE. For every 23.8 gallons of ethanol blended with gasoline, Americans displace one barrel of imported oil. Increasing the use of domestic ethanol will make America less dependent on foreign oil, and less likely for the U.S. to be held hostage to the whims of OPEC and very unstable regions of the world. Imagine if the U.S. used 50% or 85% ethanol in gasoline ?our foreign oil consumption would drop dramatically and significantly enhance our security.

Some Facts:

The U.S. imports 62% of its petroleum needs today. By 2025, the Energy Information Administration projects the U.S. will import 77% of its petroleum.
Two-thirds of the world's known oil reserves are located in the volatile Middle East. The U.S. spends roughly $50 billion each year for military protection of Middle East oil supplies - money that can be better put-to-use here at home in America.
Blended with gasoline at gasoline storage terminals, ethanol can help extend our fuel supply by adding volume to the market. The production of ethanol also helps to diversify our country's energy infrastructure with domestic production of renewable fuels.

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