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Ethanol production is great for Florida. The benefits are significant and every resident can feel the positive impact that U.S. EnviroFuels, LLC will have upon the state. When blended with gasoline at gasoline storage terminals, ethanol will extend Florida's fuel supply by adding volume to the existing inventory. The production of ethanol within the state will help Floridians to diversify their state's energy infrastructure. This is particularly important during times of emergency -like hurricanes - when severe fuel supply shortages often occur across the state and our Nation.

As production and usage of ethanol within Florida increases, the state’s dependency on imported gasoline from the Middle East and imported ethanol from the Mid-West is reduced in direct proportion! By producing this outstanding fuel source in Florida, with our local resources and services, we are continuality helping to fight the war against terrorism and becoming less dependant on other nations.

Local production of ethanol will increase Florida's energy security. Because Florida imports 100% of its gasoline via ocean vessels, the state of Florida is highly susceptible to any world disruption in the flow of petroleum, especially as it pertains to the Middle East. Every time OPEC decides to cut supplies of petroleum, it has a devastating impact on the economy of Florida. Ethanol is one of the best solutions to mitigate these adverse economic effects.

Local Economic Impact

Building and operating an ethanol plant provides benefits such as new jobs, additional income and tax revenue, and expansion of the base of the local economy. Each new ethanol plant has on average a production capacity of 40 million gallons per year. Moreover, every plant developed and built in Florida by U.S. EnviroFuels, LLC, will provide 35-40 new, high-paying jobs to the local community.

It costs approximately $60 million to build a new 40 million gallon per year ethanol plant. The vast majority of this is spent where it is needed most, in the local community. Additionally, capital spending will add $142.2 million to final demand in a local economy and generate about $46 million in new household income. This is a transitory one-shot impact, which lasts only as long as the construction phase, but is a significant boost to the local community nevertheless.

" A 40 million gallon per year ethanol plant will spend on average $56 million annually on goods and services, ranging from feedstocks and transportation to labor and utilities such as electricity, natural gas, and water. “1 Every dollar spent locally on annual operations will circulate several times through the entire local economy, and will generate the following local community benefits:

Expand the economic base of the local economy by $110 million
Generate an additional $19.6 million in household income
Generate new tax revenue for the state and governments

Florida has an ample supply and variety of feedstocks for ethanol production. These feedstocks include plant and crop derived materials such as sugar cane products and co-products, citrus pulp and peel, agricultural residues, food and beverage waste and recalls, and urban yard and wood waste. Utilization of these feedstocks for the production of ethanol improves the local base economy by creating a value-added product from lower value raw materials.

The bottom line is clear: producing and blending ethanol within Florida will reduce the consumer cost of gasoline by extending Florida fuel supplies. Ethanol, with its high octane rating, will also provide an economical and cost-effective way for gasoline marketers to meet octane requirements.


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